Obsidian Amulet of Ostrich Feathers

Egyptian obsidian amulet of a pair of ostrich feathers, Late Period, ca. 712-30 BC.


Product Description

This very fine obsidian amulet depicts the two ostrich feathers that were part of the crown of the god Amun, called "Shuty" in the Egyptian language. The feathers were considered to be a power amulet.
Although this type of amulet is made from inanimate objects, it was considered to be imbued with authority and power.
The difference between these ostrich plumes and the falcon feathers, which were also used as amulets, is that the ostrich feathers are depicted with curled over tips and the falcon feathers have rounded tips.


23mm H.

Condition Report

Very top of the left feather completed and small chip repared on the bottom right. Otherwise in very fine, highly polished, condition.


Gallery Arete, IADAA Member, Zurich, Switzerland - Ref.. Acquired from a swiss private collection before 1990.
Culture Egyptian
Period Late Period
Material Stone
Category Amulets