Fragmentary Bronze Inscribed Figure of a Priest

Egyptian fragmentary bronze figure of a kneeling priest with inscriptions on the dorsal pillar, Late Period, ca. 664-32 BC.


Product Description

Small egyptian bronze of a votary shown kneeling, wearing the ritual, pleated linen, kilt. Two hieroglyphic columns on the back pillar read:

[...] n jmAx As.t-wr.t sA n anx-Xrd-Ast m sH-nTr

"[...] for the blessed Aset-weret, son of Anch-chered-aset, in the chapel of the god"

Aset-weret means "Isis, the Great" and Anch-chered-aset "live the child of Isis", where the child of the goddess Horus is.

This inscription lead to think that the figure a priest of Isis was.


37mm H., 12mm L., 29mm D.

Condition Report

Missing head, top back pillar and arms. Weathered as shown, but very nice example of votiv bronzes of the Late to Ptolemaic Periods. Rare with back pillar inscriptions. Old french collection label on the bottom of the stand. Display stand included.


Private French collection, acquired before 1982. With BB-Antiken.
Culture Egyptian
Period Late Period
Material Bronze
Category Statues