Light Green Faience Amulet of a Falcon

Egyptian light green faience amulet of a falcon, representing the god Horus, Late Period, ca. 712-30 BC.


Product Description

Despite the object's small size, many anatomical details have been included, particularly the different types of feathers or the eye contour. The bird is resting on a flat, rectangular, uninscribed base. There is a ring on the bird's back, enabling it to be hung from a necklace or sewn into clothing.
The falcon bears the constitutive elements of the wedjat eye of the god Horus, it evokes Thot's restoration of Horus' injured eye and therefore makes a powerful talisman against injury and physical assault. In the afterlife, the falcon is one of the things that the deceased can use for mobility. We therfore gain a better understanding of the importance that the Ancient Egyptians attached to wearing such an evocative and protective amulet around theirs necks, both in life and in death.

Similar example in "Masterpieces from Collectors and Collections", Brussels Ancient Art Fair, 2012.


15mm H., 13mm L.

Condition Report



English private collection, acquired on the London art market.
Culture Egyptian
Period Late Period
Material Faience
Category Amulets