Blue Faience Scarab with the Name of Amun Re

Egyptian scarab with the hieroglyphs for "Amun Re, good of praise", New Kingdom to Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1188-672 BC.


Product Description

Very detailed blue faience scarab with hieroglyphs on his base: imen re, nefer, hes, ankh: "Amun Re, good of praise", life. Pierced. 20th-25th Dynasty.
For a very similar example, see Oriental Institute Publications, Volume 118, University of Chicago: "Scarabs, scaraboids, seals, and seal impressions from Medinet Habou", Emily Teeter, Plaque 1, p.21.


17mm H., 13mm L.

Condition Report

One minor ship on the top of the right wing, otherwise intact.


Gallery Arete, IADAA Member, Zurich, Switzerland - Ref.10187. Acquired from a swiss private collection before 1990.
Culture Egyptian
Period New Kingdom
Material Faience
Category Scarabs